Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Thank you Majid

Today I got an unexpected visit from an incredible human (his humility will force him to hate this post).

About 5 years back, with my family's support, I took one of most "all things considered" risks of my life - an opportunity to toss stability aside and make something great. We interviewed droves of candidates to build the impossible. Hard to imagine but turns out there just wasn't a lot of people that passed that "sniff" test. That understood, possessed the ability, or for that matter willing to take that risk. This guy is different on all counts.

 With support from partners that also believed, we setup shop in a 12x12 storage room - the first official "office".  Equipped with a "well seasoned" conference table, 2 or 3 computers and as many monitors as we could get surplus from ECU for $20 a pop. In that room we debated, designed, hustled, and built the core of eAudit.

Since then there were also countless unfiltered cultural debates, insights, lessons, life experiences, exposure - all shared from what the world probably considers otherwise opposite lives. Priceless in every sense.

Fast forward and we've processed packages to well over 1 in 3 addresses in the US. Hundreds of millions of packages, billions of charges; meaning you (or your neighbors) have already been touched in an off sense way by our software if you've received a package on your doorstep since 2014 or so.

We joke all the time we've spent more time in the same room over the years than we have with our wives, and it's actually probably true. In these years this man also turned down countless enormous offers. I mean LIFE changing offers - from every software name that each of you use every day.

He's always stuck with me for a quarter the pay and five times the work.

I have no answer for it but I do know this; I've been blessed to no description for the people that have been willing to take risks on me in my life. Myself now pushin' 40, I've also been around long enough know who these people are - and that these people are few and far between.

To a great engineer, a great person, and a valued friend - we, my family, I thank you Majid Darabi Go make GREAT things in Silicon Valley - we all wish you the best in this next chapter. SHOW 'EM HOW IT'S DONE!!!!!! 🦄🦄🦄🦄 #GOBIGORGOHOME #ONWARD!!