Friday, February 22, 2008

3DTelemetry beta is here!

In a previous post I eluded to a project I was working on involving GPS and OBDII vehicle data. The beta is now online and ready for download here. All you need is an NMEA compatible GPS device or logger, and an OBDII scanner if you want to import vehicle data (3DTelemetry will create maps without OBDII also).

3Dtelemetry takes data logged in your favorite OBDII scan tool (growing compatibility list here) and merges it with the GPS data that it (or an external GPS logger) aquires along your drive. 3DTelemetry then exports the data into KML format for viewing within Google Earth. So, essentially you will be able to see on a 3D map that your Mass Air Flow pressure was 2lbs in corner 4 and the engine reported 6400RPM while you were passing grandma's house.

This is obviously going to be an ongoing project and I will update my blog with any dramatic changes, but check the site ( for the latest information. Debugging from the passenger seat has presented an entirely different programming experience, but this one has been allot of fun to create so far. Special thanks to Jay and the gang at Autoenginuity and others for fielding my incessant questions about OBDII.

I intend to keep the application free during this initial beta phase and then very affordable once we have a valid release. I think there are too many high priced doodads out there for the amateur racer these days. So if you enjoy your car and you're looking for something useful and cool that wont break the bank check it out!

Please feel free to drop me a line with any suggestions or comments!